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Epiphany - 01/06/19

Father George discusses the significance of the blessing of water, and why we use Holy Water as Orthodox Christians.

Message from the Pastor - 10/15/18

Welcome! If you are new to Orthodox Christianity, the best thing I can tell you is what St. Philip said, “Come and see!” (John 1:46).

Orthodox Christianity is not simply a moral system or a set of beliefs, but an encounter with the Living God in our daily struggles. It is not easy, though it has endured from the days of the Apostles until now. It requires discipline and humility, as we fall and get up again to continue our way to Jesus Christ. Yes, there are sorrows, but the joys are much greater. God's love is always triumphant over sin and death.

When you come for the Divine Liturgy on Sunday, you will be surrounded by folks just like you who are seeking God, and have converted into the Orthodox Church from many different backgrounds: Roman Catholicism, Protestantism (in many of its varieties), and Buddhism. We are an eclectic group, ranging from college faculty to engineers or farmers. We fast and we feast. We pray and we fellowship. Don't worry, you will fit right in.

Our numbers are growing steadily, and we are getting ready for many exciting changes ahead.

While I work a secular job during the week to support my family, I am available on weekends to assist you in your search. There is no arm twisting: I am here to answer questions only. You need to consult that still, small voice within your depths to tell you whether this is right for you.

May God bless you and, again, welcome!

First Year Anniversary with Fr. George Aquaro

Sept 2018 marks our 1st Anniversary as a community with a full-time Priest - Fr. George Aquaro

Look at all the children! The Saint Katherine Orthodox community continues to grow - as a group closer together, spiritually as individuals, and in strength as our numbers increase. We now fill our leased building on North Grand in Pullman WA. Glory to God!

Orthodoxy is Here on the Palouse!

Our Orthodox Christian mission serves Pullman, WA; Moscow, ID; Lewiston, ID; Clarkston, WA and all the surrounding areas. Given the academic influence in the area, our patron saint, Katherine the Great, was selected for our parish because of her renown for bringing the greatest scholars and philosophers of her time to the knowledge of Christ, and was eventually martyred for her unwaivering devotion to God.

Join us for worship at 1275 N Grand Ave Pullman, WA and meet out pastor Father George Aquaro. The schedule of services is on our calendar.

Please, contact us with any questions you may have about our Mission Parish or Orthodoxy in general, or if you need transportation to any of the services.


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Diocese / Archdiocese (top)
Archdiocese - The self-ruled, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America
Diocese - Antiochian Diocese of Los Angeles and the West (serving also for Eagle River and the North-West)

Service Texts (top)
Service Text Outline for Weekly Services -

Orthodox services can be long and even seem complicated at times!  You can print out the Service Text from this link to follow along.  This can prove especially helpful if you are wondering what Saints we are honoring, or if we will be celebrating a particular Feast day.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with questions!


Sister Churches (top)
Bonners Ferry, ID -

Holy Myrrhbearing Women - Fr. Gregory Horton

Goldendale, WA -

St. John's Monastery

Post Falls, ID -

St. John the Baptist Antiochian Orthodox Church - Fr. Basil Caldaroni

Spokane WA -

Christ the Savior Antiochian Orthodox Church - Fr. Andrew Welzig

Spokane, WA -

Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church - Fr. Stephen Supica

Walla Walla, WA -

St. Silouan Orthodox Church - Fr. Daniel Reese

Wenatchee, WA -

Three Hierarchs Orthodox Christian Church - Fr. Michael Shanbour